technology integration

Looking to mix up your presentations, try a Thinglink

Thinglink is a fantastic web-based tool that allows teachers to create interactive content.  This is a great option for creating presentations or an easy way to create interactive content to share with students.    Teachers are using Thinglink in other interesting ways, including creating interactive:

  • maps
  • vocabulary development activities (multimedia definitions)
  • reading lists
  • tutorials
  • prompts for class discussion
  • collection of links
  • study guides
  • share space for student work
  • virtual tours

How does it work?

Once you create a free educator account, you can upload any image (picture, map, diagram, etc.) to serve as a background.  From there, you add tags (there are a variety of icons to choose from) to spots on the image that serve as links to text you add or any web content (images, videos, audio snippets, primary source documents, simulations) you decide to include.  Thinglinks can then be shared via a link or an embed code, both of which can be added to a teacher website.  To interact with a completed Thinglink, you hover over icons to access content, small versions pop-up on top of the background image.  Click on any item for a larger view.   That’s it!

How do I get started?

Sign up for a free educator account by going to:  Under Sign Up for Free, click the I’m a Teacher button.  Then you can follow this brief tutorial to get started.

Check out these Examples
(Click on the link above each image to explore each Thinglink.)

Boston Tea Party


Famous Composers


Graphing Linear Inequalities


Parts of the Neuron Explained


Reading List