technology integration

I love learning new things!

I know I became a teacher because I like learning new things.  I also didn’t want to sit behind a desk all day, I like working with people, and I was inspired that no two years, let alone 2 days, would ever be alike.    I digress, back to learning new things!  I recently came across this video on my Twitter feed, You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts.


As we have rolled out Google Apps for Education this year, I know many of you are in the same boat of having multiple Google accounts.  Logging in and out of them can be a pain in the neck and confusing!  This tutorial provides clear and simple steps for creating Chrome accounts that can easily be toggled between, essentially erasing any confusion about which account you are in, and making it easy to access files from different accounts. I was able to set up my accounts in a matter of minutes.   The added benefit is that your browser settings, bookmarks, apps and extensions are also saved and accessible anywhere you access your Chrome account(s).